Futurity Rules and Regulations

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V. Conditions of Entry

The Peruvian Horse Futurity is a program for purebred Peruvian fillies, mares, colts, stallions and geldings, registered with the Peruvian Paso Horse Registry of North of America (PPHRNA), the American Association of Owners and Breeders of Peruvian Paso Horses (AAOBPPH), or the Peruvian Horse Association of Canada (PHAC) that are nominated on or before January 1st of the year following foaling. 

Futurity awards and purses will be awarded on odd years.  The cost to enter each Futurity is $300 per horse. The Futurity accumulates points over a two-year period.  If a horse is nominated to compete the first year of the period, but is not nominated to compete the 2nd year it becomes ineligible for points and any points accumulated the first year will be dropped from tabulation.  If an ineligible horse is re-instated by paying late fees and penalties, he will only be able to count points from his date of re-instatement.  Horses must be currently registered and all of their fees paid BEFORE any show in which they participate to receive points.

A. Sire Nominations
1. A Stallion Nomination fee of $500 is due by November 1 prior to breeding for each stallion whose foals are to be nominated for the Futurity, i.e.; Nov. 1, 2009 for the 2010 breeding season. The fee may be paid by the stallion owner or the owners of the foals. Several people may join together to pay the Stallion Nomination Fee. A $10,000 purse will be awarded to the “Grand Champion Sire”. The purse will be paid to the person or persons paying the nomination fee. If someone, other than the owner of the stallion, nominates him as a sire, the owner will be notified by certified mail. If the owner pays the nomination fee within 30 days of notification, the funds paid by others will be refunded and the owner will become the recipient of any winnings. If the owner fails to respond after 30 days, the original nominators will be deemed the legal nominators and will be the recipient of any winnings.

2. A current list of Nominated Futurity Stallions will be advertised in Peruvian Digest and on the web site at peruviandigest.com . All Futurity nominated stallions shall have the right to display the gold Futurity Logo in their advertising and promotional materials.

3. The stallion must be re-nominated each year to remain eligible as a Futurity sire. All get nominated during a stallion’s eligibility will remain eligible as long as the offspring's re-nomination fees are paid. In other words, if a stallion is nominated in 1999, all of his foals nominated will remain eligible as Futurity horses even if the sire is not re-nominated in 2000. But if he is not re-nominated in 2000, his 2001 foals will not be eligible for Futurity nomination. If a stallion is not an eligible, nominated Futurity Sire in the year his offspring win Futurity points, he will not be eligible to win points toward the “Grand Champion Sire of Champions” title or purse. In which case, the next stallion, meeting all eligibility requirements, whose offspring win the most points will win the title and the purse.

4. Deceased stallions may be nominated, to allow their offspring to be nominated. In the event that a deceased stallion’s offspring win enough points to have the deceased stallion named “Grand Champion Sire”, the deceased stallion’s nominator will receive the purse, but the Futurity Champion of Champions Breeding Stallion will be the stallion used in all promotions and publicity. Geldings may not be nominated as sires.

5. A stallion may be nominated as both a sire and a competitor. See Sec. I, B3, below.

B. Foal Nominations
1. Nominations must be made on foals on or before January 1, following their birth. i.e.; if born in 2009, a foal must be nominated by Jan. 1, 2010. Nominations, accompanied by a fee of $100 per nominated foal must be paid to the Peruvian Futurity no later than the Closing Date (postmarked on or before Jan. 1st.) Postage meters are not considered valid postmarks.

2. Late foal nominations will be accepted each year as follows:

Jan 1 - $100.00                                                                                                                               
Jan 2 - March 1 =$150.00                                                                                       
Mar 2 - April 1 = $200.00                                                                                        
April 2 - May 1 = $250.00 
May2 - June 1 = $300.00  
If a horse is not nominated by June 2, it will forever become ineligible.

3. Nominations can only be made on a Peruvian Futurity Official Application Form and they must state the name and registration number of the sire, name and registration number of the dam, and the name and registration number of the foal. The Official Application Form must also include the Owner's name, mailing address, telephone number. Each individual owner must use different Official Application Forms. Two different owners cannot use the same form. For Futurity purposes, the Owner is the registered owner or that person making payments on a contract to purchase the horse. If a horse is being purchased on time, the seller must sign a Release of Payment form, assigning the winnings of the horse over to the buyer. If this form does not accompany the nomination, all winnings will be paid to the owner as shown by the PPHRNA, the AAOBPPH or the PHAC. All Official Application Forms must be signed. Official Application Forms may be printed from the Futurity Section of the web site at peruviandigest.com.

4. Ownership. All horses will be listed with the Futurity in the owner’s name as shown on their PPHRNA, AAOBPPH or PHAC registration certificate.

5. An Official Futurity Certificate will be issued each horse accepted for the Futurity. The Futurity Certificate is transferable with the sale of the horse. It is the responsibility of the seller and the new owner to notify the Futurity of the change in ownership.

6. If a nominated colt is later gelded, the nomination still stands for him as a gelding.

7. There will be absolutely no refunds.

8. Send Nominations by CERTIFIED MAIL!

C. Re-nominations
1. In order to maintain active participation, horses must be re-nominated annually by April 1, and owners must pay $150 per horse.

2. Late re-nominations will be accepted each year between April 2nd and August 1st. A late fee of $50.00 per horse, in addition to the appropriate re-nominating fee, must accompany each late re-nomination. Fees are nonrefundable.
After August 1, horses not re-nominated become ineligible. All fees, late fees and a penalty of $500 must be paid to reinstate them.

3. Re-nomination invoices will be sent to each Owner in the Futurity. These forms are sent as an accommodation to Owners. The invoice will show the horses currently nominated by the owner for the Futurity. If any information has changed, simply write the change beside the horse’s name. If a colt has been gelded, simply write gelding beside his name. If you have sold a horse, or wish to drop it from the Futurity for any reason, simply mark a line through the horse’s name on the invoice. Return the invoice with the re-nomination fees for the horses you wish to re-nominate. Please provide us the name and address of the buyers of your Futurity horses, so we may contact them to see if they wish to continue participation in the Futurity.

4. If fees are not paid in full by the closing date of each year (or by August 1st, if late fees are included), the nominee will be disqualified from the Futurity. The nominee may re-qualify by paying all back fees and late fees plus a $500 penalty.

D. Transfers
1. Futurity participation is transferable with change of ownership. Notification to the Futurity of change of ownership and maintenance of active participation in the Futurity becomes the responsibility of the new Owner. A fee of $10.00 will be charged for each transfer and a new Futurity Certificate will be issued to the new Owner, upon receipt of a copy of the new registration certificate.

2. For purposes of the Futurity, any change in an Owner Listing such as the addition or deletion of a spouse or partner, change to or from a Farm Name, Corporation, Partnership or Syndicate Name, etc. constitutes a transfer and a transfer fee ($10.00) and a copy of the new registration certificate, is required.

3. The Peruvian Futurity will not be responsible for any disputes arising through change of ownership.

E. Returned Checks and Office Fees
1. A service charge of $25, will be required for all returned checks. Failure to pay this service charge and make the check good within 30 days of notification, will result in disqualification of the nominations and re-nominations covered by that check.

2. A $10.00 Office Fee will be required from any Owner who neglects to provide all the required information for nominations.

Futurity nominated horses will win points based on their placings in any PPHRNA, AAOBPPH,  PHAC or Futurity approved show.  Schooling Shows will not be Futurity pointed.  Only shows with 50 (fifty) or more Peruvian Horses entered will qualify for Futurity points.

III. PRIZES, PURSES AND POINTS  Only Championship Qualifying Classes, Best Bozal & Best Gaited classes will qualify for Futurity Points.  Points will be designated in the breeding division and performance division.  All entries will be paid according to the number of points they accumulate during the two-year period.  Champion of Champions,  Best Gaited and Best Bozal will be designated by the total number of points accumulated.

1. Points shall be awarded as follows:

Number of Horses in Show  50+ 75+  100+  150+  200+ 300+
1st Place Under Saddle  6 12 18 24 30 42
2nd Place Under Saddle 5 10 15 20 25 35
3rd Place Under Saddle 4 8 12 16 20 28
Halter-2 & 3 Years 1st Place 3 6 9 12 15 18
Halter-2 & 3 Years 2nd Place 2 4 6 8 10 12
Halter-2 & 3 Years 3rd Place 1 2 3 4 5 6
Reserve Jr. Champs. (Halter) 3 6 9 12 15 18
Jr. Champs. (Halter)    4 8 12 16 20 28
Champion Non-Breeding   6 12 18 24 30 42
Res.Champ.Non-Breeding  5 10 15 20 25 35
Champion Breeding 8 16 24 32 40 56
Res. Champ. Breeding 6 12 18 24 30 42
Best Bozal Horse 8 16 24 32 40 56
Best Gaited Horse of Show  10 20 30 40 50 70
C of C Non-Breeding 10 20 30 40 50 70
C of C Breeding & Gait 12 24 36 48 60 84

Grand Champion Breeding Sire accumulates points through his offspring.

2. In the event of a tie, 4th place, placements will be used to break the tie.

F. SPECIAL TROPHIES & RECOGNITION -Prize money will be paid to horses winning 1st through 3rd places in halter, breeding and performance classes, Championship and Champion of Champions level Classes. The Bronze Futurity Horse Trophy will be awarded to Junior Champions, Champion of Champions, Champion of Champions Gait Horse (Best Gaited) Best Bozal. 

CLASSES That will Qualify for Futurity Points

Geldings 3-4, Bozal
Geldings - Gait, Bit 
Stallions 3-4, Bozal
Performance Stallions
Mares 3-4, Bozal
Performance Geldings
Mares - Gait, Bit Classes 
Performance Mares
Mares Breeding - Bit Classes
Stallions - Gait, Bit Classes
Luxury Gelding - Bit Classes
Amateur Owner to Ride Performance, Bit Classes 
Stallions, Breeding - Bit Classes 
Mares Breeding - Bit Classes
Mares - Amateur Performance Classes
Stallions - Amateur Performance Classes 
Geldings - Amateur Performance Classes 
Halter-2 & 3 yr. old
Reserve Champion Jr. Mare
Reserve Champion Jr. Stallion 
Champion Jr. Mare, Halter
Champion Jr. Stallion, Halter

Champion & Reserve Champion Open Performance Horse
Ch. & Reserve Ch. Amateur Performance Gelding
Ch. & Reserve Ch. Amateur Performance Mare
Ch. & Reserve Ch. Amateur Performance Stallion
Champion & Reserve Champion Luxury Gelding
Champion & Reserve Champion Breeding Mare
Champion & Reserve Champion Breeding Stallion
Champion & Reserve Champion Performance Horse
Champion & Reserve Champion Gait
Best Bozal Horse of Show
Best Gaited Horse of Show
Champion of Champions Open Performance Horse
Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Gelding
Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Mare
Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Stallion
Champion of Champions Luxury Gelding
Champion of Champions Breeding Mare
Champion of Champions Breeding Stallion
Champion of Champions Gait

Grand Champion Breeding Sire - $10,000
High Point Breeder Award - $ 2,500

G. General Provisions
1. The Peruvian Futurity will not be responsible for any disputes over the ownership of a nominee. Purse Money will be awarded only to the Owner(s) as shown in the National Registry records or as assigned by the “Release of Futurity Winnings” form. No Purse Money will be awarded to any person until that person's Taxpayer Identification Number or Social Security Number is supplied to the Peruvian Futurity.

Owners of Futurity Nominees must realize that time is of the essence, and that prompt response to Futurity correspondence is absolutely necessary to assure accurate and timely records. In the event that it is necessary for the Futurity to clarify or complete an application, the Futurity will immediately notify the owner by registered mail. Failure of an owner to respond within 15 days to requests from the Futurity for additional information, clarification or fees, shall be considered as a withdrawal by that owner of the nominations and/or re-nominations in question, and all fees paid to the Peruvian Futurity will be forfeited by the owner.
To obtain a Peruvian Futurity Official Application Form, you may print out the form from the Futurity web site, or contact the office at:

Peruvian Futurity, 3095 Burleson-Retta Rd., Burleson, TX 76028
Phone: 817-447-2703  E-mail:peruviandigest@igait.com Web Site: www.peruviandigest.com


November 1, of current year - Registration of next year’s Futurity Sires.  Must be nominated by Nov. 1 in order to be in Stallion Directory.
January 1 - Nomination of Foals born during preceding year
June 2 - Foals not nominated become forever ineligible
April 1 - Re-nomination of Futurity Competitors already nominated
August 1 - Horses not re-nominated become ineligible and can only be re-entered by paying back fees, penalties and $500 reinstatement fee.

At any point in time, a Futurity nominated horse that has lost eligibility, may be reinstated in the Futurity by paying all the fees, late fees and a $500 penalty.