(Reproduced from Peruvian Digest)
   A paca, paca, paca, that sounded like rapid gun fire, a yell of "turn him loose"and people scrambling to clear the main barn aisle of the John Justin Arena in Fort Worth, as a hot, young stallion burst onto the scene ridden by a woman who seemed to be the only one in control of the situation. Two handlers tried unsuccessfully to catch the horse's halter, but he was having none of that. He only obeyed his rider who navigated him skillfully into the show ring as the distinguished voice of Angel Ribo announced "Ladies and Gentlemen,we are proud to present the Legendary Pure Gold*A.V. ORO PURO!

   These are my memories of my first encounter with the riding ability of Judith Sloane, owner and operator of Rancho de Sonrisas in Burleson, TX. As I watched the horse that had scattered us like mice in the barn aisle, I was very impressed with the petite, blond, woman riding him. Even at nineteen Oro Puro was as fiery as any five-year-old, yet Judy maintained perfect control and rode a beautiful presentation. Judy told us later, "It was Oro's night." I just went along for the ride."


   And she has gone along for many rides on many different stallions, mares and geldings, since then. Riding them to championships all over the country.

   Judy is among that small elite group of breeders, who produce a number of excellent horses year after year. Maintaining a small herd of exceptional broodmares, Judy carefully selects stallions that will most compliment her mares and produce outstanding foals. Her breeding program is known all over the United States.

   An accomplished rider, Judy is a member of the Texas Ladies Aside drill team that performed at the national horse show in Peru and at the grand opening of the U.S. version of Equitana.


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