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Green Gate Ranch
Lone Star Peruvian Horse Club
Terry and Roberta Ellis
P.O. Box 237
New Ulm, Texas 78950

Hi All,

We had hoped this letter would have made the December Newsletter, as luck would have it we are now just catching up, the horse trailer is finally unloaded, gee just in time to reload. The holidays lasted sooo long, and by gosh it's cold outside. Well, with all that we still wanted to write a short letter.

To everyone who participated at the 15th. Annual Lone Star Classic - we the Spencer Family would like to express our greatest appreciation, what a wonderful experience for all of us, such a friendly, helpful group of people, our children were even mentioned in the local newspaper, this "club" has members that gave us helpful tips, loaned hats, polished boots, reminded us to wear the "right" number, made sure the children (Michelle 8, Sean 10, and Paula 12) had all tack required to enter the gate, the stewards were so polite and friendly, the Judges made us feel that all our hard work was worth every bit the effort it took to get one horse and four riders prepared for our second visit to this event. The best thing is all of these people were helping the other participants as well. Our special thanks goes out to the Green Gate Ranch for giving us the courage to stretch out and get involved in these events. We would love to come back and do it all again.

Roberta, Terry, Bruno, JoAnn, and Renee thank you so much for making us feel like part of the Peruvian Paso Family, we appreciate everything that you are doing for us.

p.s. you would not believe what that wonderful horse (PRESIOSA) of ours is doing in her spare time, we have taught her to pull a "buggy" you gotta see this, it is so heart warming, she has even taken Nancy for a spin. We would love to bring her by to show you when you have time.

We are so blessed to have Presiosa as part of our family, and all "her" friends.

The Spencer Family