The Peruvian Paso is the smoothest riding horse in the world. Bred in Peru for over 450 years, the Peruvian horse is smooth enough for riders with bad backs and other discomforts. Visit top Peruvian Paso websites featuring Peruvian horses for sale, breeding stallions, calendar of events, show results, Futurity and much more!

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Majestic View Farms, NY New Website 9/21
Paseo del Traza , CA New Website 9/15
Fundo Beerseba, AZ -  New Website Great Sales 9/5
• Hacienda Sol de Oro (J) - Our Best Horses are for Sale 9/5
• CHR Eastwind - New Sales Horses 9/5
• Nik-A-De Farms - New Sales Horses 8/29

• La Estancia Alegre Introducing New Stallion 8/25
• Hacienda La Cumbre - New Sales Horses 8/25
• Cataloochee Ranch, CO - New Horses for sale - 8/26
• Rancho de la Florecita Sales Update 8/26
• Killcreek Peruvian Ranch - Sales List Update 8/26
• Estancia El Corcel - Sales List Updated 8/26

The Peruvian Horse is treasured for his smooth gait and good temperament.  There are over 20,000 Peruvian Horses in the US.  The US is the largest producer of Peruvian Horses in the world.

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Peruvian Digest Vol.9 #3

Our cover this month features 18 year old stallion HSDO Cascabel de Grana (J) owned by Annette Kart. Known for his strength and stamina the "Iron Man," as he is called, spends his days grazing the rugged country side outside Hacienda *Sol de Oro (J) in Malibu, CA. One of the truly old bloodlines, Cascabel de Grana is considered a genetic goldmine.


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Peruvian Paso Horses Articles Peruvian Horse Articles:

A Cadillac and a Pickup Truck
From its very origin, the Peruvian Paso Horse has been bred for luxury and endurance. Peruvian Horses were expected to carry their owners over great distances in comfort. The origins of the Peruvian Horse are traced back to.....

The Peruvian Horse
Over 450 years of selective breeding have gone into producing the ultimate pleasure horse -- the Peruvian Paso. With its four-beat lateral gait, the Peruvian Paso horse gives its rider.....

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Top Peruvian

If you are searching for quality Peruvian Horses and want to deal with reputable breeders, we suggest you visit the following Peruvian ranches in our breed!

Bay View Farms
Safford, Alabama
Hacienda Nirvana
Wetumpka, Alabama

Fundo Beerseba
Yuma, AZ
Rinconada Ranch
Tucson, AZ

CHR Eastwind Ranch
Santa Maria, CA
Figuerola Peruvians
Santa Ynez, CA

Hacienda La Cumbre
Santa Ynez, CA
Hacienda Sol De Oro (J) 
Malibu, CA
Paseo del Traza
Temecula, CA
Rancho de la Florecita
Santa Ynez, CA
Rancho Vista del Valle
Hemet, CA
Salinas Training Center
Somis, CA

Cataloochee Ranch
Guffey, CO

Nik-A-Dee Farms
Ocala, Florida

Killcreek Peruvian Ranch  Olathe, Kansas

Gold Rush Classic
Las Vegas, Nevada
Rancho Rio Alegre
Las Vegas, Nevada

New Mexico
La Estancia Alegre
Tesuque, New Mexico

New York
Majestic View Farms
Gardiner, New York
Mountain View Farms
Cairo, New York

Nik-A-Dee Farms
Ocala, Florida

NSL Peruvians
Noble, Oklahoma

Four Moutains Ranch
Portland, Oregon

South Dakota
Bentwood Place
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Pecan Valley
Weatherford, Texas
Camino Real Peruvian Horse Club
Flyn H Ranch
Valley View, Texas
Green Gate Ranch
New Ulm, Texas
Little Bit of Heaven
Collinsville, Texas
Lone Star Peruvian Horse Club
Rain Tree Peruvians & Tack
Poolville, Texas
Rancho GyS
New Ulm, Texas
Rancho de Sonrisas
Burleson, Texas
Southwest Peruvian Horse Club
Tours On HorseBack
Poolville, Texas

Wheaton Point Farm
White Stone, VA

Estancia El Corcel
Clinton, Wisconsin

Ringstead Ranch
Millarville, Alberta, Canada