Internationally Acclaimed Wood Sculptor
Completes Piece Commissioned for Futurity

Charlie Boren    Charlie Boren, world renown wood sculptor, has completed the art piece commissioned for the 2001 Peruvian Horse Futurity.

   "Charlie has been working on the piece for almost 18 months," said Futurity Director Donna Bearer. "We are delighted to have an artist of his caliber creating original art for the Futurity.  We wanted something that anyone would be delighted to display in their homes, offices or a museum. It is one of those ‘one of a kind’ pieces that just takes ones breath away.  I have the sculpture in my home at this time and I can tell you, it makes me want to buy a horse and compete for it, just so I don’t have to give it up."

   Boren no longer accepts commissions.  He prefers sculpting what his mind envisions in a piece of wood, and conducting seminars on wood sculpting.  A long time friend of Peruvian Digest Publisher Kathy Chiles, Boren has accepted our commission for one Futurity piece every two years.

   In addition to a cash prize, the artwork will be presented to the High Point Breeder at the 2001 Peruvian Futurity.

   Boren’s artwork is priced between "$3,000 and $7,000. Since he no longer accepts commissions, his art has increased tremendously in value.

   "People who like my work are people that love natural things; they love nature," Boren said while seated on the screened sun porch attached to his family’s 100-year-old farmhouse.

   His work is in great demand and can be found in the homes of our nations top airline executive, in the offices and homes of politicians, doctors, attorneys, banks and in the collections of other fine art collectors.

   "They like to touch the wood; they enjoy the tactile sense of art. Wood really needs to be touched. You need to stroke it.  You need to feel it.  They treat the work as something they are going to live with and really enjoy."

   Boren’s gallery is in an old dairy barn with a coveted Texas Historical Plaque attached prominently near the door entrance. Here he spends many pleasant hours bringing the creations in his mind to life.

   "I sometimes I see a piece of wood, and I begin to see it take shape into a swan, or a face, or a mountain man. Creativity is only limited by ones knowledge," he smiles.

   Raw wood is carefully selected from the shores of Lake Buchanan and the ranches surrounding Burnet, TX where Boren and his wife, Louse, own some acreage. They make four or five wood pilgrimages each year, taking a day here and there to wander the prairie or drift the lake in search of the right pieces.

   "I love working in mesquite," Boren commented, "It is a strong, hard wood with wonderful nuances."

   The sculpture for the Futurity is carved from the trunk of a mesquite three that was struck by lighting, giving it the wonderful deviation in colors. "It is one of my most unique pieces," Boren smiled, obviously pleased with his work.

   The sculpture is 14-" x 14-" and is mounted on a rotating base. Boren’s autograph can be found on the piece, if one looks closely. The actual sculpture will be displayed at the PPHRNA’s National Show in September.


Futurity 2001 High Point Breeder Award

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Actual Size: 14 " x 14 "

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