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   Bay View Farms, with over 12 miles of wonderful trails, has been raising Champion Peruvian Horses for show and trail for over 10 years. We have what we believe is the best small herd of brood mares found anywhere.

   As testament to that statement, during the past five years, three of our mares attained laureada status (2 in breeding classes and one in performance). Two of our mares are eligible for laureada status this show season (one in breeding and one in performance).

   In addition, two of our mares have won Best Gaited Horse of Show at the National Show. We breed our mares to the best stallions we can find. Currently we have two young stallions and a colt. The stallions are new to Bay View Farms and we will spend the next year evaluating their breeding qualities.

   Julio Sifuentes has been with Bay View Farms for over 9 years and deserves a lot of the credit for our success. His patient, traditional, and calm method of training bring out the best in a horse. The result is a trusting and user friendly animal.

   We also have a selection of beautiful Peruvian horses for sale.  Please come visit this beautiful scenic area and see our horses.




Linda & Bill Virgin
PO Box 97
Safford, Alabama  36773
Tel. 334-573-9197 
E-mail wbv777@earthlink.net


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